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01. Ayyappa Songs by Yesudas Vol 1
02. Ayyappa Songs by Yesudas Vol 2
03. Ayyappa Abhayam
04. Ayyappa Aradhanam
05. Ayyappa Geethamruthamu
06. Ayyappa Janapadalu
07. Ayyappa Naa Daivamu
08. Ayyappa Pooja Vidhanam
09. Ayyappa Stotram Suprabatham
10. Ayyappa Swamy Mahatyam
11. Irumudi Priyudu
12. Saranam Sabaresha
13. Sri Ayyappa Bhajanalu
14. Ayyappa Swami Janma Rahasyam
15. Sree Ayyappa Swamy Vijayam
17. Sharanam Sharanam
19. Ayyappa Swamy Archana
20. Maa Shabari Yatralo
21. O Divya Jyothi
22. Sharanam Sabharisha
23. Asha Kiranam Ayyappa
24. Ayyappa Chalisha
25. Ayyappa Darshanam
26. Ayyappa Sannidhanam
27. Sri Ayyappa Namavali

Lord Ayyappa -Collection Of Single Songs

Download Lord Ayyappa Album Songs In Malayalam

Devapamba (Malayalam)

Sabari Sailam (Malayalam)

Kaliyugavarada (Malayalam)


  1. this whole album collection is like boom... swamiye saranam ayyappa...

  2. devotees and also can download ur fav songs once u clicked ur fav song.. it will redirect you to file source zone... it will download as (RAR) format... you will need to convert after download completes....swamiye saranam ayyappa...

  3. plz attached the ayyappan karavalama stothram audio format

  4. Please listen to the devotional album "Omkara Rupa Ayyappa"
    The album take us through different phases of ayyappa maala starting from: #AyyappaDeeksha, #Irumudi, #Jyothidarshanam and #peddapadam.
    All the songs are brilliantly sung by playback singers @Srikrishna Vishnubhotla, @dhanu singer, @deepu and Rahul

  5. The Ayyappa Moola Mantra is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa who is also known as Lord Saastha.Individuals whom are suffering from ill-fate, bad health, enemies, jealousies, evil-eyes, unwanted competitions can chant this Ayyappa Moola Mantra and can see gradual improvement in life.
    To get more details about mantras, bhajans and pooja, download this handy guide and get all benefits,

  6. Thanks for sharing the links. One can also download Yesudas Ayyappa songs here.

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  8. Plz upload irumudi suprabatha Kannada album songs it's like 52 songs plz upload all songs and plz upload ayyappa songs by yesudas vol-6


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