Fungus-affected appams destroyed in Sabarimala

As many as 7 lakh appams (sweetmeats) were burnt down and was destroyed in Sabarimala as some devotees received fungus affected appam the other day. The appams were burnt down in the incinerator as per the decision taken by the devaswom board.

 There will be 7 appams in one packet and one lakh such packets were destroyed. The DB has incurred a loss of Rs 25 lakh due to this. A devotee from Thiruvananthapuram said 30 of the 50 packets of appam he bought were found spoiled. Several other pilgrims had similar complaints. 

It is said that high moister content in the appam and poor quality of ingredients used have triggered the growth of fungus. Authorities concerned started preparing appam and aravana two weeks ago, to meet the high demand. Sources said around one lakh packets of appam, each containing three pieces, are sold daily. Share on Facebook (Visited 5 times, 5 visit


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