Sabarimala plastic ban dissolves in pilgrim influx

Though Sabarimala has been declared plastic free, the jungle paths to the hill shrine as well as Sannidhanam have been lined with piles of plastic bottles and polythene waste.

All the efforts of the authorities to prevent devotees from littering have come to a nought.

According to a senior official, the agencies that signed a contract with Devaswom Board to distribute drinking water at Sannidanam were bound to dispose of the empty plastic bottles as well. However, none of these agencies had turned up to clear the Sabarimala roads and temple premises.

“We are taking steps to remove the plastic bottles from the waysides and have deputed more people to collect plastic waste from the jungles,” said Devaswom Board executive officer, Sathish Kumar.

Devaswom authorities, however, have made no steps to prevent the devotees from littering the plastic materials except having erected some sign boards against the plastic menace.

Devotees on their way to Sannidhanam were found leaving empty bottles and polythene covers in the jungles and on the wayside as there are not enough bins to collect the waste. There are also no security officials to check the luggages of the devotees and nobody prevented them from throwing the plastic materials in the open space.

“It is sad to see that people are recklessly dumping plastic materials in the Sannidhanam and jungles. The officials must come with a stringent measure to curb this practice that destroys the forest,” said Dheeraj, a devotee from Kannur.


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