Devaswom Board gets 15,000 kg rice every day

The Travancore Devaswom Board has been able to collect 15,000 kg of rice per day by opening centres where pilgrims could dispose of food grain after rituals.

The centres were started at six places in Sannidhanam. and four other spots in Malikappuram.

“The decision was taken to avoid the wastage of rice at Sannidhanam surroundings,” said an official. “Till last year, there was huge wastage of rice. Pilgrims used to dispose the rice where they used to sit after rituals.”

The system introduced this year helped the pilgrims to dispose of excess rice at various points. The board could make use of this rice to generate additional income.

“On an average, we are getting around 15,000 kg of rice per day from Sannidhanam,” said the official. “The quantity will vary according to the rush of pilgrims.”

Pilgrims offer rice along with arecanut, lemon, camphor, turmeric and coins. It is a huge task to segregate these items from rice. At present the separation is done manually.

The TDB is planning to introduce a separation technique before the next season.

The rice collected is used to prepare Appam and Nivedyam for pilgrims. “The rice that remains will be sold,” said the official.


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