Fire averted at Saramkuthy

The timely involvement of the fire and rescue team averted a fire mishap at Saramkuthy in the late hours of Tuesday. The boiler meant to treat drinking water supplied to pilgrims went up in flames at around 1:30 am.

“The automatic machine switched off and beeped an alarm that there was no water in the boiler. The operator who was asleep did not notice the alarm. He switched on the machine when he woke, and this led to the fire,” said assistant station officer K.V. Asokan to DC.

There were two 1000 and 2500 lire diesel tanks at the plant. The operator alerted the fire and rescue team camping near the plant and this helped in immediate action, Asokan said.

The plant could have exploded if the heat had increased.
The rescue team had to observe a slow and steady process for about an hour to bring down the temperature, he added.

The team of nine fire personnel were led by Arun Bhasker, special officer, fire and rescue, Sabarimala, and N. Asokan, assistant station officer.


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