Russian devotee wants Ayyappa temple on home ground

Petukhova alias Induchoodan from St. Petersburg wants to construct a temple devoted to Lord Ayyappa on his home ground.

Petukhova, who became a Hindu and changed his name to Induchoodan (meaning Lord Siva), has been learning Hindu ideology, the Vedas, tantra vidya, kalari payattu and ayurveda for the last 20 years. He also practices ayurveda in St. Petersburg.

Climbing the holy steps for the seventh time, Induchoodan told Deccan Chronicle, “Life is transformed to another level after each climb. Here they are all are swamis, no differences in dress or mind. This has to be followed everywhere.”

“My son Eliya also accompanied me to Sabarimala this time. I took him along with me only after he attained perfection in vrutha and other ritual practices to be followed. The team tied their Irumudi in Pachalam, near Ernakulam."

"The team usually trekked via the forest route but we came through Pamba this time because we were only four of us and the forest route is filled with pilgrims," Petukhova added.

Evegny alias Vivek a freelance system analyst who is a frequent visitor to the Vedic Academy at Idukki has come to have Ayyappa darshan for the second time.

“We have observed 41 days of strict vrutha. We walk barefoot wherever we go,” said Vivek.

Yanina who changed her name to Devayani, is a retired engineer from Moscow. This 70-year-old managed to climb the hill though her legs were covered with bandages. She said that the visit gave her an experience with a difference.


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