Press Release :: KSRTC Mobilizes for Sabarimala

KSRTC, the oldest PSU in the State of Kerala, is proceeding in the route of progress for the last several months. Since it is dedicated to provide comfortable journey to travelling public, more and more travelers are being made use of the KSRTC buses for their routine journey. Striking hike in the number of passengers is evident to this fact. In October 2011, 34.3 lakhs of passengers utilised KSRTC buses daily where it was 32.7 lakhs in corresponding month of 2010. Enhancement of 5% passengers can be noted. Proportionate increase in daily revenue is also recorded in terms of the hike in passengers. Revenue in October 2010 was Rs. 3.3 crores daily and that in October 2011 is Rs. 4.09 crores. Even reckoning 14.8% increase due to fare hike, it can be seen that the total increase of 23% is remarkable in the current situation of physical circumstances. This record, which is an unprecedented one, has been achieved by operating 15.5 lakhs km daily against 14.69 lakhs km in the previous year. Number of buses has increased from 4,622 in October 2010 to 5,120 in October 2011. This number will further increase in November 2011, December 2011 and January 2012 as 500 new buses join the fleet. Prominent thing in this context is that the full hearted co-operation extended by the employees from top to bottom.
In order to facilitate the pilgrimaging of Ayyappa Devotees in this season Corporation planned thoroughly. In the first phase 195 buses are readied for Sabarimala Service has against 145 in 2010. This year festival programme is chalked out with a view that it will not affect the normal service operation any where. Only new buses and those commissioned in the last 3 year would be utilised. The shortfall by taking vehicle on regular service will be managed by readying the buses in workshop in a war footed basis. Arrangements to make this season a success are in place. All Unit Officers are already instructed to pay their attention in providing pilgrim services where ever it is in demand, with out waiting for higher level directions.

Chairman & Managing Director re-iterated that KSRTC is heading for providing more better public transport facility and appealed to all concerned for their sincere and valuable co-operation. All pilgrims to Sabarimala will find the friendly KSRTC services fully available.

                                                                                                           Chairman & Managing Director


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