DO any one know about Ayyappan Dharamam... The answer will be none.. Even ask your guruswamis they will also not know... i request you to teach and share this i

nformation with your relatives,family,friends...etc

This Article is the famous, As lord ayyappa swamy himself advised to the Devotees As he is a Dharma sastha.. lord rules the kaliyuga Dharmam...

Sri Ayyappan Dharmam concentrate the famous 18 Ayyappa Dharmam said by himselfs...

1.To Gain the path of god, one should purify himself. for this people should have faith in truth and sacrifices.

2.One should know that within himself is own athma is a part of paramathma following and believing this truth is the aim of human-being is to get merge into parabrahmam.

3.Like human beings no other creatures are not in this world so everyone should work for the food for his own athma.

4.By lords blessing all this universe is abode with lord so everything is lord Ayyappa so there is no differentiation.

5.In the world of Ayyappan there is no religious thoughts are allowed, there is no high and low in society and richness and lord Ayyappa doesn't have any caste differentiation.

6.In the society all religious and caste people must have peace and every one should live like brothers without fear in the society.

7.Religion or caste or what ever it is.. All religion and caste base route is one. so all religion and caste must have acceptance and should be accepted by all

8.People will be in different religion and castes and languages to. they all are the sons of there shouldn't be there any clashes between them, because the sons clashing each other in front of father is a most-wicked. so all should work for the peace.

9.One must work for the welfare of the country and the society peoples development n it should be the aim one should sacrifice anything in the sake countries pride.

10.We should not torch-er any living beings of the world because if we torch-er any living beings it is torched as Ayyapan himself.

11.If we see adharma any where without any hesitation we should face n destroy it.

12.Which ever is sin we shouldn't practice that.

13.We should work for the win of truth n loose of false.

14.Natures rules is any living being can live on the earth.

15.By the thoughts of good thinking n by working purity of himself and proceeding one mandalam 41days of vrath those people can only have rights to visit pampa and sabarimala its a strict.

16.During one mandalam 41days of thoughts,vocally,verbally,celibacy,truth,peace,equality and oneness should follow. pure foods should be considered.

17.Who ever who follow with atmost faith and trust and purity 41days of vrath there sins will be purified and they attain moksha.

18.Through out there life like vratham ahimsa,Truth,peace,love should be followed and by teaching others to and one following these Ayyappan guidance is Ayyappan Dharmam.


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