U can Use Coconut oil daily.If known on lady callegues .............. I try to avoid the eating in the afternoon and evening I reach home bath ,prayer and eat.I try to avoid talking with them. Today they also try to respect your Viratha and they also will try to avoid u for that............. Days.When the situation happend in my life I cook keep things Just in the room and go to office.I have lived also in one bed room flat.
I am also High diabetic and wear chappal in normal days and viratha days.But trek Sabarimala bare foot and trek back. 

I also have attend conferences But I will not eat there.I will manage to take Juice or something or avoid that also.

U are suppose to get up before sunrise and pray the Lord .The Brahma muhurtham rituals is only specified to temple priests.

You can use an mat (preferably new or leastwise washed one).In olden days one mat will be given /purchased @ Erumeli for the 10 to 12 days trip at sabarimala trekking.You can use the same one for trekking too.

U can use an (preferably new or leastwise washed one) bedspread/bedsheet/woolen shawl/woolen rug.

If it is cold u can use sweater /Jacket,monkey cap. But do not wear that to attract women folk.The above mentioned were used while trekking the 42 miles route. You are suppose to trek 2 to three days.Few years back the whole team will trek for 4 to 5 days and sleep in the Open AirToday we are in fast world.
Swami Saranam.kalyan 


۩ Ayyappa DevoteeZ ۩

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