The 'thiruvabharanam' is the divine and sacred ornaments of Lord Ayappa. Abharanam means jewels in Malayalam (and tamil). The precious and holy jewelry adorn the Lord during the celebrations of 'Makaravilakku', the grand finale of the pilgrimage period.
The sacred jewels are kept in three wooden boxes and consist of a diamond diadem, gold bracelets, necklaces embedded with precious gems, swords, silver arrows and images of elephant, horse and leopard, all fashioned out of gold.
Thiruvanbharanam procession is comprised of three cases or caskets, the main Thriuvabharanam box, the Velli Petti and the Kodi Petti. These boxes contain the following:
Thiruvabharanam Box
Prabha Mandalam
Valia Churika
Cheria Churika
Aana (Elephant) - 2 (miniature replica)
Kaduva - 1 (miniature replica)
Velli Kettia Valampiri Sankh - 1 (Conch shell with a right hand spiral - Silver covered)
Lakshmi RoopamPoothattam (A ceremonial plate for carrying flowers)
Navarathna Mothiram (Navarathnam ring)
Sarapoli Mala - Traditional temple necklace
Velakku Mala - Traditional temple necklace
Mani Mal - Traditional temple necklace
Erukkum Poomala - Traditional temple necklace
Velli Petti
Thaila Kudam for Kalasam
Required Pooja utensils
Kodi Petti
Kodi Petti
Netti Pattom for the elephant
Chattah Idunna Jeevatha
Flags of Talapara and Udampara
Mezhuvatta Kuda

Calendar of Events for the Thiruvabharanam Procession
On the night of 27th Dhanu (Jan 11th), in the presence of the Pandalam Palace Management Committee members, in the presence of the current Valia Thampuran (currently Revathi Thirunal Ramavarmaraja) who will hand over the `Thiruvabharanams' to Devaswom Board.
Early in the morning of the 28th day of Dhanu (around 12th January), three days prior to 'Makarasankranthi', these jewels are brought from Pandalam Palace in a ceremonial procession to the Valiya Koikal Sastha Temple at Pandalam. The ornaments are adorned on the idol at Valiya Koyikal before the Sanctum Sanctorum of that temple is opened on Dhanu 28th (Jan 12th). Till 12 noon, the doors are kept open for the devotees to have a darshan. Huge crowds congregate at Valiya Koyikal temple during this period.
At noon, the doors of the Sanctum Sanctorum are closed, and in the presence of the Valia Thampuran, special poojas are conducted. At that time only the members of the royal family, Mel Santhi and those designated to carry the `Thriuvabharanams' to Sannidhanam are permitted to be present in the temple. After poojas and Deeparadhana, the containers are closed, covered with silk and garlands of marigolds placed on them. A sword which would have been sanctified, by the Mel Santhi, during the earlier poojas is also handed over to Valia Thampuran. While receiving the sword, Valia Thampuran offers a traditional monetary tribute to the Mel Santhi.
On 28th Dhanu (Jan 12th) at 1300 hrs, the doors of the temple are opened. To the accompaniment of religious music, chanting of Saranams, vocal `kurava vili' and led by lit camphor containers, the procession party in a state of `thullal' commences the procession carrying the `Thiruvabharanams'. The 12 member procession party is led by Guruswamy Kochuthandil Bhaskara Pillai. The procession party takes blessings and Vibhuti from the Valia Thampuran and steps forward to carry the `Thiruvabharanams' in a ceremonial procession to Sannidhanam. The Valia Thampuran and other family members follow the procession in palanquins. They arrive at Kaipuzha Palace to seek the blessings of Valia Thampurati (the Senior Queen of the family). After that the procession proceeds along the route Pandalam - Kulanada - Ullannoor - Aranmula - Pambadi Mannu and reaches Ayiroor temple for overnight halt.
On the second day, ie 29th Dhanu (13th Jan) they travel along Puthiyakavu - Ayikkakunnu - Vadaserikara - Madamon - Perinad - Arackal Padikal and reaches `Laha' for another overnight halt.
On 30th Dhanu/Makaram 1st (14th Jan) the procession travels along Nilakkal - Kurungayam - Valianavattom - Neelimala - Sabaripeedom and reaches Saramkuthi Aal by around 1730 hrs Indian Standard Time. A rousing reception is given to the party and the procession is escorted forward to Sannidhanam.
The magnificent occasion is further made unforgettable and surcharged with spiritual loftiness when the devotees looking up witness the hovering of the "krishnapparunthu" (kite) far above in the sky as if the Heavens themselves keep a watch on the goings on below and is considered to be a sure mark of Divine intervention.
Devotees believe that Lord Vishnu, riding on his vehicle Garuda, accompanies the "thiruvabharanam" from Pandalam to Sabarimala. It is indeed amazing that when the procession reaches Sabarimala, the kite is again sighted majestically hovering high up in the sky, which reinforces their belief. The people who witness all these amazing spectacles feel transported to a realm far above the mundane, material plane.
The ornaments are adorned on the deity at Sannidhanam behind closed doors and then the doors are thrown open for Deeparadhana and darshan. Makara Jyothi is seen at Ponnambalamedu and the divine star is also sighted. The crowd, in front of the temple, at this time is huge by any standard.

The senior most Thampuran never visits Sabarimala. The Younger Thampuran is the one accompanying the procession. He too leaves the main procession at Cheriyanavattom/Valiyanvattom as it is not considered auspicious to have a darshan of the Lord during `Mandala Kalam'. Thampuran moves onto Pampa and stays there till Makaram 3rd (Jan 17th). Thampuran reaches Saramkuthi Aal on 3rd of Makaram. He is received with `Poorna Kumbham' and rides to Sannidhanam atop an elephant. At Sannidhanam, the Mel Santhi reverently washes Thampuran's feet and offers him a coconut. After breaking the coconut, he enters the temple and has a darshan of the Lord. After darshan , he proceeds to take rest at the rest room located at Malikapuram temple. He continues to stay at Malikapuram Temple till the `Guruthi' there is over.
Meanwhile on 18th Jan (Makaram 4th) `Kalababhishekam' is conducted on behalf of the Thampuran at Sannidhanam. This is mainly to cool the idol which would have been receiving a never ending series of abhishekams. After that no abhishekams of any kind are performed. After the `Guruthi' at Malikapuram temple on 19th January, that temple closes and Thampuran arrives at the main temple to stay there for the night. No pilgrims are permitted into the temple after that till the Thampuran leaves with `Thiruvabharanams'. When Thampuran visits the temple to have private darshan on no one other than the Mel Santhi is permitted to be present. .
On the last day of the Makara Vilakku celebrations i.e. Makaram 5th morning, no pooja, except a Ganapati Homam is conducted at the temple. It is a poignant moment that day when the Thampuran has a private darshan of Ayyappa who was looked after by Thampuran's ancestors. No one is permitted inside the temple premises including the Thantris and Santhis. After a few minutes of solitary darshan and prayer, the Mel Santhi re-appears and asks for his permission to remove the Thiruvabharanams and close the temple. The key of the Sanctum Sanctorum is handed over to Thampuran. Thampuran receives the keys and offers a monetary tribute (pana kizhi) to the Mel Santhi and exhorts him to perform all the due religious rituals punctiliously till the end of his tenure. Thampuran then hands over the keys to the Devaswom Manager. Thereafter the return journey of the party, along with the Thiruvabharanam, starts for Pandalam



Harivarasanam Viswamohanam
Haridadhiswaram Aaradhyapadhukam
Arivimardhanam Nithyanarthanam
Hariharatmajam Devamashreye
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
The Lord who reposes in the tranquil yogic posture of
Harivaraasanam; the Lord whose beauty enchants the whole
universe; the Lord who is the very essence ofLord Vishnu's
Grace; the Lord whose holy feets are worshipful; the Lord who
destroys the inimical mental trends and forces that affect the
devotees ; the Lord who engages in the eternal cosmic dance that
creates and dissolves the universe -in that very Lord , who is
the spiritual splendour of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, I take my
Saranakirtanam Bakhtamanasam
Bharanalolupam Narthanalasam
Arunabhasuram Bhoothanayakam
Hariharatmajam Devamashreye
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
The Lord who is worshipped by the Sharana Mantra; the Lord who
is the source of the power of mind; the Lord who smoothly
administers the entire universe; the Lord who playfully engages
in the cosmic dance; the Lord who shines with lightreddish hue;
the Lord who is the Master of all cosmic forces - in that very
Lord, who is the spiritual splendour of Lord Vishnu and Lord
Shiva, I take my refuge.
Pranayasathyakam Praananayakam
Pranathakalpakam Suprabhanjitham
Pranavamanidram Keerthanapriyam
Hariharatmajam Devamashreye
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
The Lord whose very nature is the Supreme Truth; the Lord who is
the Master of all life-forces; the Lord who splendours with the
divine halo; the Lord who iis the very source of Pranavam; the
Lord who is pleased by devotional hymns - in that very Lord,
who is the spiritual splendour of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, I
take my refuge.
Thuragavahanam Sundarananam
Varagadhayudham Vedavavarnitham
Gurukrupakaram Keerthanapriyam
Hariharatmajam Devamashreye
saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
The Lord whose mount is the horse; the Lord whose countenance is
beautiful; the Lord who holds the mace called Varagada; the Lord
who is extolled by the Devas;the Lord who bestows Divine Grace
as the Supreme Guru; the Lord who is pleased by the devotional
hymns - in that very Lord, who is the spiritual splendour of
Lord Vishunu and Lord Shiva, I take my refuge.
Tribuvanarchitam Devathathmakam
Trinayanam Prabhum Divyadeshikam
Tridashapoojitham Chinthithapradam
Hariharatmajam Devamashreye
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
The Lord who is worshipped by the three worlds; the Lord who is
the Supreme Divinity and the source of all Devas; the Lord who
has three eyes; the Lord who shines with divine splendour; the
Lord who is worshipped during the three auspicious times of the
day; the Lord whose remembrance fulfils the desires - in that
very Lord, who is the spiritual splendour of Lord Vishnu and
Lord Shiva, I take my refuge.
Bhavabhayapaham Bhavukavaham
Bhuvanamohanam Bhoothibhooshanam
Dhavalavahanam Divyavaranam
Hariharatmajam Devamashreye
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
The Lord who annihilates the fears and pains of worldly life;
the Lord who brings prosperity and auspiciousness;; the Lord who
is enchanting to the whole universe ; the Lord who is splendidly
decorated with divine ornaments; the Lord who has a white divine
elephant as a mount - in that very Lord, who is the spiritual
splendour of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, I take my refuge.
Kalamrudusmitham Sundarananam
Kalabhakomalam Gathramohanam
Kalabhakesari Vajivahanam
Hariharatmajam Devamashreye
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
The Lord who wears a graceful and soft smile; the Lord with a
beautiful countenance; the Lord whose graceful body is
beautifully decked with the sandal paste;; the Lord who rides on
a tiger and also on His horse mount - in that very Lord, who is
the spiritual splendour of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, I take my
Srithajanapriyam Chinthithapradam
Sruthivibhushanam Sadhujeevanam
Sruthimanoharam Geethalalasam
Hariharatmajam Devamashreye
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
Saranam Ayyappa Swamy Saranam Ayyappa
The Lord who is dear to all devotees; the Lord who fulfils the
desires;; the Lord who is extolled by the Vedas; the Lord who
bestows sustenance and strength to the ascetics; the Lord who is
the delightful esssence of the Vedas;; the Lord who enjoys the
recital of divine hymns and music - in that very Lord, the
spiritual splendour of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, I take my
Note: Harivaraasanam: Your throne that is a boon from Vishnu.
'Hariharaathmajam' is referred here as 'the spiritual splendour of Lord Vishnu and
Lord Shiva'. It can be made instead in its direct meaning 'Son
of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva', if necessary.



A major stampede was averted with the collective effort by the Rapid Action Force, National Disaster Response Force, and the Kerala Police when the police barricade was broken in the rush of pilgrims entering the Lower Tirumuttom from the Valiya Nadappanthal around 9.40 pm on Monday.

Few pilgrims were injured in the rush; however a major stampede tragedy was averted with the effective intervention of the well-trained crowd management forces attached to the Central Reserve Police Force.

The rush of pilgrims who reached the Sannidhanam from the northern side of the Lower Tirumuttom crossing the Bailey Bridge had turned the situation out of gear.

With hardly 36 hours left for the Mandalapuja, the sacred grove of Sabarimala has been witnessing an unprecedented rush, forcing the police to block the flow of pilgrims periodically to the holy hillock from Pampa periodically from Sunday night.

The throng of pilgrims turned so heavy that the space between the U-Turn on the Saramkuthi path and the Valiyanadappanthal has been witnessing a near-stampede from Monday afternoon.

Rapid Action Force (RAF) and the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) have been controlling the crowd along this highly risky and difficult stretch to avert any untoward situation.

The vehicular traffic on the main trunk road leading to Pampa too has gone up and the police had to block the Pampa-bound vehicles at definite intervals at Plappally and Nilackal. The parking lots at the main base camp at Nilackal have turned full.



U can Use Coconut oil daily.If known on lady callegues .............. I try to avoid the eating in the afternoon and evening I reach home bath ,prayer and eat.I try to avoid talking with them. Today they also try to respect your Viratha and they also will try to avoid u for that............. Days.When the situation happend in my life I cook keep things Just in the room and go to office.I have lived also in one bed room flat.
I am also High diabetic and wear chappal in normal days and viratha days.But trek Sabarimala bare foot and trek back. 

I also have attend conferences But I will not eat there.I will manage to take Juice or something or avoid that also.

U are suppose to get up before sunrise and pray the Lord .The Brahma muhurtham rituals is only specified to temple priests.

You can use an mat (preferably new or leastwise washed one).In olden days one mat will be given /purchased @ Erumeli for the 10 to 12 days trip at sabarimala trekking.You can use the same one for trekking too.

U can use an (preferably new or leastwise washed one) bedspread/bedsheet/woolen shawl/woolen rug.

If it is cold u can use sweater /Jacket,monkey cap. But do not wear that to attract women folk.The above mentioned were used while trekking the 42 miles route. You are suppose to trek 2 to three days.Few years back the whole team will trek for 4 to 5 days and sleep in the Open AirToday we are in fast world.
Swami Saranam.kalyan 



Do's:1. Do the bath in early morning with normal water. There is a big controversy that on using soap or not. When the rules framed by elders long long ago, there was no soap. So, they didn’t think of future facility. At that time every one was used some home made powders. They didn’t discuss about that powders also. That means the real meaning of this rule is- We must do bath cleanly, which helps us to be healthy and happy in a day.2. Do the bath in evening with normal water. This is also a good healthy guideline to get rid of tiredness of day work. So we can go to bed with good sleep, which is more important to a body.3. Do the pooja in the morning (before sun rise) and evening (after sunset). Poojas or praying god are meant for getting concentration. So, doing pooja in the morning means, we are putting a coma to home life and to getting ready to do the day work. And doing pooja in the evening means, we are putting a coma to day work and to getting ready to do the home life.
These above are not rules; they are the best methods to be happy in our regular life. So, we have to understand that GOD does not get anything from us by our bath and our cleanliness or pooja. It is 100% meant for our health.
Then what is God expecting from human? The answer is Live Happily, and Let Live Others Happily. Whereas every one (except few human beings) trying to do the first half of rule and not at all bothering about second half of the rule. We have to think about this. If one is following the above rule, then he does not need any Deeksha. He is 100% perfect human. God likes this type of people.
4. Have one time meals. This is also very good health point. This is also benefit to us, not to God.
5. Do the Anna Danam to others. This is what God expecting from human being, that is doing favour to others.
6. Sleep on ground without pillow and bed. Every one knows that this is helpful to our perfect blood circulation.
7. Talk less. This will help in getting good results of our job. That means we should not waste our time by simply chatting. It is also good for our efficiency.
8. Eat vegetarian food. This is also good for health.
9. The cook must also do the head bath and then he should prepare food for Swamies. Again it relates to cleanliness, which will stop the unhealthiness.
10. Help others. This is the way to be a good citizen. We have to know the Happiness behind the Helping. This is what we have to learn by doing Deeksha.
11. Make them others happy. This is another important thing we have to learn by Deeksha.
Can’t we do these 10 and 11 without Deeksha? Yes, we can do.
12. Do the Brahmacharya. This the rule framed by elders to get concentration on our training or Deeksha.
13. Maintain simple life. Use minimum things to run the life.

Don’ts:1. Don’t smoke.2. Don’t drink.3. Don’t eat non-vegetarian food.4. Do not use foot wear. This is good for health. The pressure on the foot bottom will keep the all organs of body freshly. This is also helps to us, not to God. Another benefit to us is, when we trekking on Sabarimala hills, it is always better to walk with bare foot, instead of foot wear, which will be slippery.5. Don’t make others unhappy.6. Don’t cheat others.7. Don’t say lies. At the same time we should not make others unhappy by telling truth. Try to avoid that topic, if you are supposed to say A LIE to keep the others happy.8. Don’t do half mandal Deeksha, quarter mandal Deeksha and instant Deeksha. Mandalam means 41 days. In olden days doctors used to give the medicines for a period of Mandalam for chronic diseases. Because it is their experience that the minimum time required by a body to get cured. Similarly to get cured by our mental diseases we need Mandalam days. We can observe the difference of a person before starting Deeksha and end of the Deeksha, with lot of change in behavior and way of thinking, if he is following a perfect Guruswamy.
9. Don’t do hi-tech(LUXURY) Deeksha.
10. Don’t do violence.
11. Don’t proud yourself. Because, the greatness you are feeling is not the great ness of you, it is given to you by the god. So, faithful to the god.
12. Don’t argue with others on any matter. I have seen the swamies arguing on the Rules of Ayyappa Mala, which will break the real goal of Deeksha. Just say the YOU are correct. Then the other person will feel happy. Think that you got the opportunity to make the others happy.
Finally most of the rules are meant for our health, and few are meant for becoming a good citizen.
Generally people follow the above rules in that Deeksha period only, after that they will continue their life with routine bad habits. Then doing the Deeksha is waste. Hope every one will try to reach the ultimate goal of Deeksha. So do the Ayyapp Deeksha properly by understanding the real meanings of rules and regulations and keep continuing the good habits after Deeksha also, which are deserved to our life.
Swami Saranam Swami Saranam Swami Saranam



1. Athuvitha vasthuvai, aadhi paramathmanai, achalanai, aguna gunanai, Amararukku athipathiyai, adiyavarkku yeliyanaai, Hari hararkku oru mainthanai, Sudha sathwa para brahma sakshathkara, Jothiyai thondrum unthan, Thooriya leela vaibhavangal pala yendru marai, Chollukindra thethum ariyen, Pithanai ninathu pugazh pesi thirinthu nin, Perumayai ninainthu padi, Pidathukindren nin perum koyil yeithinen, Pizhai porutharula varuvai, Thathuvam anaithum oru muthiari uraithida, Thantha sathguru nadane, Satha madana prakasa kalasa muni viswasa, Sabari mamalai vaasane, swamiye saranam Ayyappa. 

Being a definition of Advaitha, being the primeval divine soul, Being without any movement, Having properties but being without properties, Being the Lord of Devas, being a simple one to his devotees, Being the only son of Hari and Hara, And appearing a true light of the pure divine Brahmam, I do not know that the Vedas telling that your great divine plays are many, And feeling like a mad man, I roam about talking and singing your praise, And I have reached your great temple prattling thus, And so please pardon my mistakes, Oh great teacher, who gave me all the principles in one stamp, Oh God with light of hundred gods of love, Oh god, who is believed by sage Agasthya, Oh God who lives in Sabari mountain, Oh god I surrender to you Ayyappa. 

2. Anthakarathile arul vilakkethuvai, Adaviyil vazhi kattuvai, Aravu bali mrugangal alakai pey kural kalvar anugathu kathu varuvai, Vandanai purinthu manamalarittu vazhthuvor marabellam onga vaippai, Maratha noykkoru marunthaki mathuvai, Marana bhayamum pokkuvai, Ivvitham nee puriyum ennila vilayadal enni thudhikka vasamo, Yeratha malayeri yeithum meyyadiyavarai yerpathu un barammallavo, Chandana Sukandha sundara suthanthira sidha sanga sadguru nadhane, Satha madana prakasa kalasa muni viswasa, Sabari malai vasane, swamiye saranamayyapa. 

Oh God with light of hundred gods of love, Oh god, who is believed by sage Agasthya, Oh God who lives in Sabari mountain, Oh god I surrender to you Ayyappa. You would light the lamp of grace in darkness, You will show us the way in the forest, Please guard us from wandering slaughtered animals, ghosts, devils, goblins evil spirits and thieves You would bless with prosperity those who salute you and offer sweet smelling flowers, You would completely cure the diseases for which there is no cure, You would remove fear of death, Is is possible for me to remember and pray all such great deeds of yours, Is it not your burden to receive and protect all those true devotees who climb mountains which is difficult to climb. Oh Great teacher who has the scent of sandal, who is pretty, who is independent and who is with great sidhas, Oh God with light of hundred gods of love, Oh god, who is believed by sage Agasthya, Oh God who lives in Sabari mountain, Oh god I surrender to you Ayyappa. 

3. Yenthu pugazh choozhntha kankantha giri ongi ezhum ekantha jothimaniye, Ennuvor enniyathellam thanthu perinba mazhai pozhiyum mukhile, Neenthariya piravi perum kadal kadathi arul nilai chekka vandha thunaye, Nedum palai vana vazhvil ninra karpagame, Niralambamana mei porule, Manthalir madanthayar marungura magizhndu yemmai vazhavikkum karunai vadive, Vara neela chela singara sukumara mathi vadanane, mani kandane, Santha samarasa sachithanantha sannithiyil saraname saranam arulvai, Satha madana prakasa kalasa muni viswasa, Sabari malai vasane, swamiye saranamayyapa. 

Oh solitary gem of light in the greatly famous golden magnetic mountain which stands tall, Oh cloud fulfilling all the desires of devotees and rain of divine joy, Oh help who helped us cross the difficult to cross sea of birth and gave me a life of grace, Oh wish giving tree in the middle of the long desert called life, Oh truth which stands without support, Oh personification of mercy who makes the tender mango new leaf like women to be happy with us and make us live, Oh God with moon like face who has a blessed blue, pretty and passionate face, Oh God with gem in his neck, Please give us protection and only protection in your peaceful, tolerant presence of divine joy, Oh God with light of hundred gods of love, Oh god, who is believed by sage Agasthya, Oh God who lives in Sabari mountain, Oh god I surrender to you Ayyappa. 

4. Nee yalalthu yen kuraigal ketpavarum illai, Oru nizhal illai, yendru manamo nilai illai, Ninai adayum niyamangal illai Nin ninavandri ondrum illai, Aayirm pizhaigal thanathu adiyaar purinthaalum, aadarithu arulum arase, Avathara murthiye, anbaana deivame, Aadhi ayyappa guruve, Thooyane, pambai thuraivane, siva jnana jothiye, eendravar unnai, Thottu anaithu uyya, nee yaar pol ulai yena chollathu maunammagi, Thayaval madi thalam irunthu muthirai ondru thanthai pol vaitha magane, Satha madana prakasa kalasa muni viswasa, Sabari malai vasane, swamiye saranamayyapa. 

There is no one except you to hear my problems, Oh Lord, My mind is not stable because of the feeling that I do not have any shade whatsoever, There are no rules for attaining you Oh king who supports and showers his grace, even if your devotees do one thousand wrongs, Oh God of incarnation, Oh God who loves us, Oh primeval teacher Ayyappa, Oh pure one, Oh saint of Pamba, Oh wisdom light of Shiva, Your parents hugged you and became sorry not being able to ask you as to whom you resemble, You who are the son, sitting on the lap of the mother and gave out a seal like your father, Oh God with light of hundred gods of love, Oh god, who is believed by sage Agasthya, Oh God who lives in Sabari mountain, Oh god I surrender to you Ayyappa. 

5. Ariya marai pugahkindra annadhanam cheyyum arulaalar vazhga, vaazhga, Anudinamum nin koil ilagu disai thozhugindra anaivarum magizhndu vaazhga, Vratha niyamangallal mei maranthu unathu peyar vinnathirave muzhangi, Verperi valar padigal mel yeri varugindra mei thondar vazhga, vaazhga, Theriya vilayadi arpudha sithu kattum un thirunama magimai vazhga, Thedum intha kavimaalai paaduvor inba chirappellam ongi vaazhga, Sariyai kriya yoga jnana sannidhi saranam, saranam saranam ayya, Satha madana prakasa kalasa muni viswasa, Sabari malai vasane, swamiye saranamayyapa. 

Long live, long live, those who give food, which is praised by the great Vedas, Let all those who daily salute in the direction of your temple be happy and live long, Long live, long live, your true devotees who after completely forgetting their body by the rules of penance, Come Shouting your name loudly and climbing the mountain and the growing steps Long live the power of your name which makes people play and show occult powers Let the sweet greatness of those who search and sing this garland of poems, live long, Oh Lord, I surrender, surrender to the the Temple of divine wisdom of life, duty, yoga and Jnana, Oh God with light of hundred gods of love, Oh god, who is believed by sage Agasthya, Oh God who lives in Sabari mountain, Oh god I surrender to you Ayyappa.



A near-stampede situation has been prevailing in the Sabarimala Sannidhanam since the early hours of Tuesday, as the crowd turned uncontrollable.

Many pilgrims, especially women and children, fainted. Personnel of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and the Rapid Action Force (RAF) have been managing the crowd since Monday night, as the police were overwhelmed.

It took 14-16 hours for the pilgrims to reach the Sannidhanam from Pampa. A group of pilgrims from Kannur told The Hindu that they started climbing Neelimala from Pampa 15 minutes past midnight and reached the Valiyanadappanthal only around 4 p.m.

Overcrowding outside the barricade at the entrance of the Valiyanadappanthal created chaos half-an-hour past midnight. A major stampede was averted, thanks to the intervention of the RAF and NDRF personnel, a volunteer of Ayyappa Seva Sanghom said.

The police’s failure to divert the pilgrims returning from Sabarimala through a Bailey Bridge also contributed to the overcrowding along the Forest Office-Valiyanadappanthal stretch. The virtual queue system went haywire.

The drinking water supply to pilgrims waiting for long in the iron barricades was affected because of poor arrangements. Many pilgrims were found gasping for breath in the congestion caused by the bottleneck at the entry point of the queue leading to the Holy-18 steps before the giant peepal tree at the Lower Tirumuttom.

Pilgrims who climb the broad steps leading to the Lower Tirumuttom from the Valiyanadapanthal have to enter the narrow barricade sandwiched between the peepal tree and the fire place (Aazhi) after much push and pull.

In the previous years, during the rush days of the pilgrim season, the Travancore Devaswom Board used to extend the darshan time by two hours, opening the temple earlier, at 3 a.m., and closing it 30 minutes late (11.30 p.m.). However, the temple administration is yet to extend the darshan time this year.

The police have been blocking pilgrims at Pampa, Sabaripeedhom and Marakkoottom at regular intervals since Monday evening to regulate the flow to the Sannidhanam.



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1.To Gain the path of god, one should purify himself. for this people should have faith in truth and sacrifices.

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15.By the thoughts of good thinking n by working purity of himself and proceeding one mandalam 41days of vrath those people can only have rights to visit pampa and sabarimala its a strict.

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Sabarimala Darshan Queue Booking FAQs

  • How it works

    Upon booking the tickets, you may reach Pampa on the selected time and enter into the direct Queue without waiting much. This will help the devotees to plan their pilgrim time on an advanced basis as per the available slots. Devotees with queue coupon tickets will get entry without being in queue till ‘Nadapanthal’ and hence its assured that no waiting period is required for darshan. At Pampa, Kerala Police will verify the Coupon and Photo ID card to ensure that only pre-registered pilgrims are allowed through this Queue.
  • Should I need to Register in the site to get the Coupon?

    Without registering you can search for the availability. To book a slot, you must register on the portal first. Ther best option is to create your profile by registering on the site, it will help to book the slots anytime you may wish to.
  • How to make a Group Booking?

    A Registered user can do the ‘Group Booking’ from his profile. To do group booking, select the ‘Group Booking‘ button from the ‘My Groups‘ menu and proceed with booking.
  • Do I have to pay for the Coupon?

    Absolutely No! Kerala Police is providing this services free of cost to devotees, though it need investment for developing and maintaining this facility.
  • How to know if there are slots available for a particular day?

    Availability of the slots are based on the number of devotees. Provide the number of devotees and month you like to visit. Then you can view the current availability. If the blocks are shown in red, it means the the Slots for that duration is completely booked. System will also have allocations on an Advance basis and Tatkal basis. Tatkal based availability of a particular date will be released before 7 days only.
  • Is this slot booking facility open only for Manadalakalam only or throughout the year?

    This facility will be available only for the main Pilgrim period (Mandalapooja – approximately from November 15 to December 26) and Makaravilakku – approximately from December 30 to January 14).
  • Who can book a slot?

    The booking of the advance queue is opened to all other than ladies female devotees of age between 10 and 50. Due to the rituals, ladies within this age are not allowed to visit the temple and hence coupons are not issued to this particular age group.
  • What documents should I need to book a slot?

    You should have your recent photograph with a maximum file size of 30 KB. All devotees above 18 years of age must have a photo identity card issued by Government or allied institutions. Accepted ID cards includes PAN Card, Electoral ID Card, Passport, Driving License and Aadhar Card. School/College ID card also are accepted.
  • What documents should I carry when going for Darshan?

    You must carry the coupon and the originl of the ID card given at the time of creating the coupon.
  • What is the maximum time limit upto which the slots can be booked?

    The limit of the reserve time will vary based on the real time submission time and other settings.
  • How early does the booking for a slot start?

    Booking slots will be open one month before for a week. Example: Slots of November 20-27 will be open October 20th.
  • How to take the print outs of Virtual Queue Coupon?

    When you submit all the details, system will prepare the coupon and a button for printing the coupon. You can also download the coupon to print it in future. If you have logged in while creating the coupon, system will email the coupon in pdf format and you can print the coupon from the group booking page. To view the tickets in pdf, your machine needs a pdf viewer (Adobe reader) . This is available in most of the machines, otherwise it may be downloaded from the Adobe Website. If you are using gmail, the pdf ticket can be viewed through gmail’s inbuilt pdf viewer.
  • Does slot booking assure Darshan?

    The coupon with a valid time for Darshan will help you reach the ‘Nadappanthal’ at Sannidhanam without much hassles of being in log queues. Volunetteers will guide you through a reserved road to reach sannidhanam.
  • Can I make corrections to a booked slot?

    No. Currently the system is not not permitted make any modification or editing to the previously entered data. If entered any thing wrong by mistake, its suggested to cancel the existing one and create a new one.
  • Can I modify the Token to somebody else’s name?

    No. Coupon generated for one person cannot be modified. At Checking point, Devotee will be verified with the photo ID card and Photograph uploaded.
  • Can I change the time and/or date of a Booked slot?

    No. You have to cancel the existing token and book a new one.
  • Can I cancel a Booked slot/Token?

    Yes. You will have the option to cancel the booking . Log on the website to do this. Please cancel the token if you are unable to come. This will help other devotees to utilize the slot. However the same cannot be transferred to other persons name.
  • What if I forget my Password?

  • If you have forgotten or lost your password, you can request for a new password by clicking the ‘Lost your Password?‘ link in the Login form. An email will be sent to you with a link to reset the password.
  • What is the maximum number of persons allowed for a Group Booking?

  • Group booking size may vary from time to time based on the managerial decisions. But the allowed count may not exceed more than 60 at any point of time
  • What if I lost my Coupon?

    The coupon is must and without producing the coupon and the ID card submitted at the time of booking, you will not be allowed to enter the VirtualQ. If you have already generated a coupon, you can print copies from the email, or by entering the number of coupon and date, you can retrieve the coupon booked.

    1. How to get a Sabarimala Queue Coupon?

      Devotees has to first search for availability at Kerala police portal, by providing the number of devotees and month like to visit. There is an option to choose a specific time of visit (Morning / Day / Evening / Night) also. On submission, site will show the available days of month in ‘Green’ colour. If the Devotees can choose their desired date of visit by click on the calender date. This will show the time slots available.
      To register the slot, you have to create your profile first. Sign up and complete the user profile creation, then select a booking slot and confirm booking. 
      You can directly print the coupons generated, also the coupon will be sent to the email ID.
      Devotees need to provide the mandatory details like Name, Address with PIN, Gender, Age, Photo ID and ID Number. It is desirable if they can provide the Contact (Telephone or Mobile) numbers and email though its not mandatory.
      A recent photograph (permitted size not more than 30kB) should be uploaded to complete the registration for issuance of Coupon.


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