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Pilgrims make parnashalas--A kanni ayyappan at Sannidhanam.

A kanni ayyappan at Sannidhanam.
A kanni ayyappan at Sannidhanam.

Pilgrims make parnashala (a temporary resting place to stay) to have clear Makaravilakku darshan falling on January 15.
It is a common phenomenon that pilgrims who climb Sabarimala after Mandala Pooja stay near Sannidhanam in parnashalas.
Most of the parnashalas are made at Pandithavalam and nearby areas from where Makravilakku at Ponnambalamedu can be seen clearly without any obstruction.
Earlier parnashalas were made of wood, grass and other natural fibers. Now the natural substances are replaced by tin sheets and tarpaulin.
Pilgrims who come in group usually make parnashalas near by Pandithavalam and other places from where Makaravilakku is seen from Sabarimala.
Pilgrims use to cook food and rests in this parnashala.
Though pilgrims had started constructing parnashalas concerned authorities had not taken any initiative to clean the area by removing the bushes and other waste from concerned area where pilgrims use to make Parnashala’s.

Makaravilakku can be seen from various adjacent places to Sabarimala like Hill Top at Pamba where already a permanent barricade is constructed, and Aangamoozhi, Parunthumpara, Pulmedu.
The police have set up double barricades at these places to control the pilgrims.


Seven Pick Pockets arrested

Sabarimala Police have arrested seven pick pockets at Sabarimala who were roaming the places near Marakkoottam and Charelmedu in the devotee’s attire. Ramraj (35), Pazhaniyappan, (39), Muthurajan (30), Arasan (53), Pandyan (30), Maruthumuthu (38) and Mani (55) were the persons arrested on Sunday evening by the police. All of them belongs to Theni district of Tamilnadu. Mani and Arasan were arrested for the same crime at Sabarimala previous years also.
Police have confiscated 15 mobile phones and Rs. 16000 from them. Police have informed the real owners of the mobile phones could not be traced since the simcards where removed from most of the mobile phones confiscicated, the police have also contacted the owners of mobile phones whose SIM cards are not removed. The pick pockets were taken to the Ranni court on Monday.
G P Manuraj S I, Vijayan Pillai ASI, Civil Police Officers Raveendran, Girijendran, Abhilash, and Anil S K were in the team who nabbed the gang.


Sabarimala Nada will open at 4 am on Jan 15th

Sabarimala Nada will be opened at 4 AM only on January 15, the Makaravilakku Day. This is due to the Pooja rituals extending to early morning on the previous day.
The pooja rituals starting as part of the Makaravilakku on 15th January 12.59 AM will end by 1.30 AM
only, in the evening of January 15 around 6.30 pm Thiruvabharanam clad Deeparadhana will take place
This time, the Makarajyothi will be visible on the eastern side of Sannidhanam and Deeparadhana will take
place at Ponnambalamedu.


Makarasankrama Pooja

Makarasankrama Pooja will be on January 15 at 12.59 in the morning The Makarasankarama Pooja as part of Makaravilakku festival will be held on January 15 at 12.59 AM.

It is believed that the idol is placed during the Makarasankaramam time by Parasuraman and it is one of the prominent rituals held at Sabarimala every year.

During the time of Makarasankaramam Pooja, Neyabhishekam is done with importance.

Peeda Pooja will be held initially and then Moorthy Pooja.

Makarasankrama abhishekam will be held after that. The Kanni Ayyappans from the Travancore on King’s wish will bring the ghee filled coconuts during the ritual.

This first time Sabarimala comers will stick the arrows at Saramkuthy and will head on to Sannidhanam.
The ghee were distributed among the devotees after pooja and will put an end to the Makarasankarama pooja. After Harivarasanam, the nada will be closed.

Deeparadhana at Sannidhanam adorned with Thiruvabharanam from the Pandalam Temple will be held after 6 pm on January 15.


Padipooja from January 16

Padipooja for the 18 mountain gods will be held at Sabarimala from January 16. There pooja
will be held in five days.

Thantri Kandararu Maheswarau will lead the pooja in each steps here. This is the first padi pooja to be held in this season. The Pooja will be held after Deeparadhana every day.


Ponnambalamedu controversy should be avoided: Tantri Kandararu Maheswararu

The unwanted controversy looming around Makaravilakku and Ponnambalamedu should be avoided, said Tantri Kandararu Maheswararu. He also opined that a person serving Lord Ayyappa for the past 69 years, the unwanted debate on this issue disappoints and hurts. ‘Makarajyothi’ is a star singhting on Makarasamkrama Day facing the Sabarimala Temple in the east direction.

The star is known as Makara Nakshathram. The lamp lighted during this time at Ponnambalamedu is known as ‘Makaravilakku’. It is lighted at the time of Deeparadhana at Sabarimala when the diety is cladded with Thiruvabharanam.

Ponnambalamedu is the base abode of Lord and all encouraging the controversy should keep away from such talks. The Makarajyothi is one of the main divine happenings of Sabarimala and that day a star will be seen in the sky. This star is known as Makaranakshatram.
Makaravilakku and Makarajyothi are the two important things followed with divinity in Sabarimala and this is thing which directly depends thousands of devotees believing in this.

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Erumeli Pettathullal

Renowned Erumeli Pettathullal will be held on January 12. Ambalappuzha andAlangattu team will enact the pettathullal. The Ambalappuzha team comprising around 600 devotees, clad in kumkumam will wait at the Kochambalam from morning 11 for the eagle to be present on the sky. It is believed that the eagle is the representative of Lord Ayyappa. After witnessing the bird, the team will start the pettathullal.

The team after visiting the Vavaru mosque will then go on to the Valiyambalam, there the representatives of Devaswom Board including Deputy Devaswom Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner and Administrative Officer will welcome the Ambalappuzha team. The procession will be accompanied by tuskers and various other art forms. Soon after Ambalappuzha team ends their Pettathullal, Alangattu team will undergo the ritual. When a star seemed over the skies of Kochambalam the team will start the Pettathullal. The procession will be accompanied by one or more oracles and there will not have any representatives from Board or among the local people. When the team enters the premises of the Valiyamabalam and round the sanctum sanctorum
by 5 in the evening the Pettathullal procession will end, officially.
On the same day both the team will perform some rituals like Aazhipooja by Ambalappuzha team and other Pooja by the Alangattu team.


Non-stop free food distribution for pilgrims during Makaravilakku season

Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam will distribute non stop free food for the pilgrims during the peak Makaravilakku season at Pandithavalam from January 6 to 15.

The free food centre at present offers food to the pilgrims for nine hours, including three hours from 7 am for breakfast, three hours for meals from 12 noon and 7 pm to 10 pm for night meals

At the Erumeli centre, the samajam is fully equipped to meet the heavy flow of pilgrims during the peak days of Makaravilakku season. In connection with the Erumeli Pettathullal on January 12, the samajam would offer round-the-clock free food, starting from January 11 evening to January 13 night.

In addition to free food, free medical assistance would also be offered to the pilgrims at its Erumeli and Koonankara centres during the peak Makaravilakku season days, as per the samajam sources.


Fund crunch: Master Plan takes a beating

New batch of police personnel, after taking charge on Monday, listen to instructions at Sannidhanam. — A.V. Muzafar .
New batch of police personnel, after taking charge on Monday, listen to instructions at Sannidhanam. 

The much trumpeted Sabarimala Master Plan project is clearly running out of fuel even before it takes the road.
The comprehensive plan for infrastructure development seemed to have hit the wall as authorities face fund crunch.
Additional chief secretary and chairman of High Power Committee for the master plan implementation K. Jayakumar told DC that the only funds available was a throwaway Rs 2 crore as against Rs 150 crore required for the initial phase completion.
In other words, it would mean, projects like development of Swami Ayyappan Road, renovation of Nadapanthals, construction of prasadam complex and aravana plant, and Kunnar dam which need to be completed before next season will come to a halt.
Jayakumar said the the Devaswom Board failed to find sponsors to mobilise sufficient funds despite approaching many businessmen and firms.
“The Rs 15-crore government fund is the only money they can pin their hopes on”, he said.
Jayakumar revealed Shoba Developers and Tatas have expressed interest in cooperating with the project.
“We’re also looking at NRI support. If these materialise, then the project would move through”, he said.
Devaswam executive president M. Satish Kumar said there’s real need for funds since 80 per cent of the temple revenue goes as expenditure.


Refrain from offering cattle, devotees urged

Travancore devaswom board officials have asked the devotees to desist from the practice of offering cattle to the Hill Shrine. Devotees need only to remit the value of the cattle now, the officials informed. Inadequacy and unhygienic condition of the goshala (cattle home) at Sannidhanam seems to have forced Devaswom authorities to issue this order.

Earlier, the Kerala high court had directed authorities to take immediate steps to facilitate better arrangement to accommodate cattle following reports that several cows and goats had died at the goshala at Sannidhanam due to lack of fodder and unhygienic conditions. This prompted the authorities to shift the cattle housed at Sannidhanam to a newly built goshala at Nilakkal.

Only two cows and a few roosters are here. Milk used for abhishekam is taken from the cows at Sannidhanam goshala. Devaswom officials said devotees wanting to offer cattle can do so by taking them to the goshala at Nilakkal. M. Sathish Kumar, devaswom executive officer said the board would instruct police to stop the devotees coming with cattle at Pampa itself.


In Sabarimala, a season of crowds, snakes and pickpockets

Sabarimala experiences excess of everything - from snakes to pickpockets to its earnings in the current pilgrim season - DC
Sabarimala experiences excess of everything - from snakes to pickpockets to its earnings in the current pilgrim season - DC

Last year, this place suffered a terrible tragedy when 102 people died in a stampede. But pilgrims are still thronging the Sabarimala temple, the revered Hindu shrine situated in the Western Ghats in central Kerala. What is more, the temple these days is experiencing an excess of everything - from snakes to pickpockets to its earnings in the current pilgrim season.
The authorities of the Travancore Devasom Board (TDB), which runs the temple have announced that at the end of the last week, the earnings of the temple by way of offerings and sales of ‘appom and aravana’ have crossed Rs.130 crore, which last year was around Rs.115 crore.
And like the increase in devotees and earnings, there has also been an increase in the presence of snakes in and around the temple complex.
So far, around 120 snakes have been caught and released into the dense forest that surrounds the temple. Last year, 90 snakes were caught and released into the jungle.
The TDB has now employed an expert snake-catcher who releases them into the woods after catching them.
One reason attributed for the spurt in snake sightings is that ahead of the present peak season, which began on November 17, a lot of clearing was done in and around the main temple complex.
Some, though, have expressed reservations at the removal of the green cover around the temple. "It is best that no more greenery is removed from around the temple," said Jagathy Sreekumar, the most popular and sought-after comedian and character artist in the Malayalam film industry, who has been visiting the temple for the past 30 years.
Another increase has been noticed this year - in the number of pickpockets. The nimble fingers are thriving as the crowds surge, say locals.
"Pickpockets dressed up like pilgrims use a blade to cut open the bags of pilgrims when they stand in queues. As soon as their job is done, they melt away into the crowd and return again after a while," said a police official.
The present pilgrimage season will reach its climax on January 15 (Makar Sankranthi Day).
The Sabarimala temple is situated at an altitude of 914 metres above sea level and four kilometres uphill from Pamba in Kerala's Pathanamthitta district.


Human waste dumping irks devotees

Tantri Kandararu Maheswaru performs rituals as part of Uchapooja.   — A.V. Muzafar
Tantri Kandararu Maheswaru performs rituals as part of Uchapooja. 

The journey to Sabarimala is arduous. Though it doesn’t stop the devotees from coming to the holy shrine, stinking smell of human waste dumped at Appachimedu is making their life miserable.
The human waste from the toilets dumped in the forest areas along the stretch near Appachimedu reaches Kochu Pampa and Kallar, the tributaries of the holy Pampa.
Devotees and shop owners near Appachimedu complain that they can’t bear the foul-smell of the human excreta which is dumped in the forest. The devotees, particularly, stuck in long queus, are the most affected lot.
“I had to stand in the queue for over one hour. It was a horrible experience”, said, Swaninatham, a devotee from Kayamkulam.
Shop owners blamed the Devaswam for dumping the waste openly in the forest. "It not only creates problems for devotees and shop owners like me but also pollute the forest and Pampa river", said Thankappan, who is running a shop near Appachimedu However, the authorities say they follow strict measures in this case.
“No reports were heard about this. The waste is dumped into the pits dug in the forest land and these pits are covered once full. So, there’s no question of human waste polluting the river,” said Vijayamohanan, Assistant Engineer (Maramath) Pampa.


Who’ll light makaravilakku?

A RPF officer puts back the coconut pieces to Aazhi at Sannidhanam on Friday.
A RPF officer puts back the coconut pieces to Aazhi at Sannidhanam on Friday.

It appears the makaravilakku festival slated for January 15 is not going to be a smooth affair for Travancore Dewaswam Board (TDB) this year too. If it faced the public ire over a massive stampede last year, this season, it’s run into problems with Mala Arayan Community.
For, Mala Arayas – the tribes who’d traditionally lit the makaravilakku till they’re stripped off their rights – are preparing to invade Ponnambalamedu to assert their right this year which has been denied by the TDB for a few decades now.
Mala Araya Samyuktha Samithi (MASS) affirms its members would light the makaravilakku at Ponnambalamedu while TDB says it won’t tolerate the presence of anyone at Ponnambalamedu including Mala Arayas.
MASS members, in line with their plan, on Saturday will kick-start a deepa-sikha prayanam (torch-yatra). The yatra will cover 100 prominent temples in the State before it would reach Ponnambalamedu on January 15 when the tribes would organize the ritual.
However, the ritual in all probability may turn into a bloody show of strength as TDB president M.Rajagopalan Nair on Friday threatened that the Board won’t allow the tribes to take control of the ritual.
TDB which controls the entire activities at Sabarimala with the help of forest, police and electricity board officials will carry out the rituals as usual, he said. Makaravilakku – the annual ritual at Sabarimala – interestingly had courted controversies all through.
Rationalists have been lambasting TDB and successive State Governments for projecting makaravilakku as a celestial light. TDB, in fact, suffered a huge embarrassment when it’d to admit the controversial light, indeed, was a man-made after last year’s gory stampede.
It was in this backdrop Aikya Mala Araya Maha Sabha and Akhila Thiruvthamcore Mala Araya Maha Sabha joined hands to form MASS to reclaim their right to light the makaravilakku at Ponnambalamedu.
MASS members claim that makaravilakku used to be lit by their ancestors in the past. Stating that it’s their right MASS members say the yatra would bring about a fresh debate on tribal rights.
Accordingly, they’ll begin the yatra from Erumeli and visit the temples in Idukki and Kottayam districts before reaching Ponnambalamed. MASS says TDB played a dirty game and evicted their ancestors from the forest land to take control of the ritual.
“Our ancestors were given the rights by the Pandalam king. Even High court and Pandalam king acknowledged our rights to the ritual. And, TDB has no history”, said general secretary Aikya Mala Araya Maha Sabha P.K.Sajeev.
He further pointed out that Mala Arayas have the right to worship at their traditional temples in the forests going by Forest Right Act 2006. “We’re being kept away by TDB because it thinks we’ll stake claim over Sabarimala temple too”, Sajeev explained.
Nair does admit the ritual of lighting makaravilakku used to be done by the tribes in the past. However, he termed the Mala Arayas’ demand as illogical and stupid. “We resumed the ritual 60 years ago when they discontinued the custom. So, now they’ve no say”, Nair said.
He, however, says the Board would accommodate the tribes who still live at Ponnambalamedu in the ritual, though many see this as a clever move to create rift among the tribes. Rejecting the Board’s conciliatory approach, Sajeev termed it as a mockery of truth.
As the TDB and Mala Arayas prepare for a pitched battle, police officials find themselves in a quixotic situation. Besides ensuring pilgrim safety, they would also need to ensure peace at onnambalamedu where the so-called celestial light would be lit by human hands!
“We’ll do our best. We won’t allow anyone to indulge in violence. We’ll also deploy more police personnel to keep the situation under control. So, anyone violating the law is in for trouble”, warned ADGP P.Chandrasekharan.
MASS members, interestingly, have also received support from Rahul Easwar, the grandson of Kandararu Maheswararu, who was prevented by the TDB from entering the sanctum sanctorum of the Sabarimala temple recently.


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Lord Ayyappa showed his presence!!


Sabari Endroru-ஆர்.நைனப்பன்


Chottanikkara Bhagavathi - Malayalam Song


Hawkers take over jungle paths

The jungle paths from Pamba to the Sabarimala shrine are now dotted with wayside vendors and hawkers who are fleecing the pilgrims in gross violation of the High Court order banning unauthorized hawkers along these roads.
As per the court order, only those with licenced from the Devaswam can open shops and conduct business here.
However, vendors, mostly from Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Orissa, are doing brisk business, selling toys, ornaments and herbal drugs on the stretch between Pampa and Marakkottam on the Swamy Ayyappan road.
Authorized shop owners allege that police officials are turning a blind eye to these hawkers who grease their palms.
Namesake raids are conducted at regular intervals, they allege.
“These hawkers run into the jungles with their wares when police come and return to resume business after ensuring that police have left. There is a nexus between police and these vendors,” says a licensed shop owner, Sajeevan.
Interestingly, police is conspicious by its absence along this route. Infiltration of migrant hawkers also exposes holes in the security along these jungle routes to Pampa and Sannidanam, the areas that fall under a high security zone.
Earlier, it was reported that anti-national elements and fundamental outfits were camping in the forests near Sabarimala and Erumeli. “We will be deploying more policemen in the coming days,” said ADGP P Chandrasekharan.


Govt to beef up security during Makaravilakku

The dewaswam minister, Mr V. S. Sivakumar said that the security arrangements at Pampa and Sannidhanam would be bolstered during the Makaravilakku festival to prevent any tragedy like Pullumedu, which happened last year on the occasion of the festival.

More police personnel will be deployed at the places such as Paanchali para, Parunthum medu Uppupara, where the devotees throng to witness the makarayothi.

Makeshift barricades would be set up in these places to control devotees during the makaravilakku festival said minister while speaking in the meeting of the district level officers convened at Pathanamtta on Thursday.

The minister also instructed the officials to arrange sufficient drinking water and light for the devotees who stay back at Sannidhanam to witness the Makarajyothi.

There would be a facility to give instruction in five different languages through public announcement system on the occasion of the festival.

The minister said that ASCA light will be put in use at the places where there is no electric supply. It will benefit the pilgrims who camp at places in the forest for witnessing the makararajothi.

Assistance of forest and excise officials has also been sought for the dealing with the situation if any case of exigency, said Mr Sivakumar.

Special arrangements will be made at Nilakkal to provide drinking water to the devotees as it was came in to the notice there was acute shortage of drinking water supply here.

A special drinking water scheme at Nilakkal for effective supply of drinking water to the devotees is also in the pipeline and it will be materialized in the coming season.High-level meeting in the presence of CM will be convened after the Makaravilakku festival to evaluate the situations of previous season and discuss the future projects.

Construction of Nadapanthal from Pampa to Sannnidhanam and completion of queue complex will be discussed in the meeting. MPs. MLAs and additional chief secretary K. Jayakumar also participated.


ADGP: Women cops broke rules

ADGP Mr P. Chandrashekaran has said that the two women civil police officers at Sabarimala had violated the High Court’s judgment when they had accompanied Minister Mr K.P. Mohanan and his team on the Neelimala stretch on Monday.

Traditionally, women between 10 and 50 are not allowed to climb Sabarimala.

The report submitted on the issue by Pampa Police Controller Mr S.P. Valsan stated that the officers had climbed till Sabaripeetom as it was recorded by CCTV cameras installed at various places along the Pampa - Sannidhanam stretch.

The violation might have taken place due to the ignorance of the police officer on duty.

The women cops were directed to accompany the team led by the Circle Inspector, Mr Muhammed Riyas, who was on duty at the Pampa Ganapathy Temple. A written explanation on the incident has been sought from the officer, the ADGP added.

He also said that no action would be taken on the women cops as they had only obeyed the orders of their senior officer. Further action on the senior officer would be taken after he submitted an explanation.

The incident had become controversial when pilgrims had protested at Sabaripeetom after they saw the civil officers accompanying the group of aged women who were with the minister.


One pilgrim dies at sannidhanam

One pilgrim died at Sannidhanam due to cardiac arrest on Tuesday afternoon.

The deceased was identified as D.V. Kodeswara Rao, 69 years, a native of Prakasam district in Andhra Pradesh.

He was taken to Sahas Cardiology Centre at Sannidhanam after he suffered chest pain, where he breathed his last.

The dead body was transferred to Pampa Government Hospital to complete further formalities.

Kodeswara came to Sabarimala along with a group of fifty pilgrims, the police said.


Two women officers enter banned area

Two women civil police officers created controversy after allegedly climbing Neelimala early Monday, violating the Sabarimala tradition. Ms Sheeja Beegum and Ms Divya were part of a 12-member civil police team that was deployed at Pamba to prevent women aged between 10 and 50 entering Sabarimala.

“It is confirmed that the two had climbed Neelimala in preliminary enquiry. The allegation is that the duo accompanied agricultural minister K.P. Mohanan and his team of thirty five people from Pamba to Neelimala. The minister’s team consisted eight aged women, including minister’s sister,” ADGP P. Chandrashekeran told this newspaper.
Valsan, SP (Pamba police controller) has been asked to submit a detailed report on the issue at the earliest. Verification of the recorded video clippings will take place to have a clearer picture on the issue, the ADGP added. The row kicked off after pilgrims shouted at the women civil police officers, who were found at Neelimala stretch, during the wee hours on Monday. It is learnt that Riyad Mohammed, circle inspector of the police, directed the two to escort the team.


Extra security on jungle route

“Devotees trekking through the traditional jungle route during makaravilakku festival would be given extra care and security," said Erumeli circle inspector C.J. Johnson,

Places such as Azhuthakkadavu, Kallidamkkunnu, Engipparakkotta, Mukkuzhi Temple, Koottakkallu, Vellaramchetta, Karimala top, Valiyanavattam are under the strict surveillance of Erumeli station, he said.
The number of pilgrims coming through the route is increasing every day.

Excise to intensify raids at Sabarimala

With the makaravilakku festival fast approaching, the excise officials have decided to intensify the raids at Pampa and Sannidhanam.

The department has received a tip-off that the workers at Sannidhanam are using tobacco products.
In a raid held at Sannidhanam on Monday, the excise seized 39 packets of cigarettes, 40 packs of beedi, 30 sachets of gutkha and 300 grams of tobacco.

“More raids will be conducted in coming days as Makaravilakku day is fast approaching. Strong action will be taken against those who possess liquor or tobacco,” said Mr V.K. Radhakrishnan, the assistant excise commissioner at Sabarimala.

Keeping tobacco products in custody at Sabarimala is a punishable offence.

The officials also asked the pilgrims to inform them on 04735202203, if they find anybody using tobacco products.


Heavy rains land pilgrims in soup

Sabarimala witnessed a heavy rush on Sunday. The picture shows  long queues of pilgrims at Pampa. The hill shrine was reopened on Friday last in view of Makaravilakku festival - DC
Sabarimala witnessed a heavy rush on Sunday. The picture shows long queues of pilgrims at Pampa. The hill shrine was reopened on Friday last in view of Makaravilakku festival - DC
As the temple opened for Makaravilakku festival and tension eased in the border districts over Mullaperiyar issue, pilgrims from Tamil Nadu started flowing to the temple, resulting in heavy rush in the last two days.
Removal of pilgrim shelters as part of the proposed Sabarimala Masterplan in and around Sannidhanam also left pilgrims without enough shelters to escape the heavy downpour.

The most affected were the elderly and the children.

Though a shelter was inaugurated at Pandithavalam, heavy rush along with rains made things tough for pilgrims who were waiting in the queue to have darshan.
Pilgrims who opted to walk along the Swamy Ayyappan Road ended up in misery as the road turned slushy.
Makaravilakku: PWD arranges open space

Sabarimala is all set to observe Makaravilakku festival on January 15. Compared to last year, more pilgrims are expected to throng Sannidhanam because of the restrictions imposed at Pulmedu.

“Maramath (Public Works Department) has arranged for an additional 25,000 sq ft open space to help pilgims have a smooth Makaravilakku darshan. Under the Sabarimala Masterplan, we have removed four cottages and ten pilgrim shelters at various points near Sannidhanam. This space can contain more than 3,000 pilgrims,” said a PWD official to DC.
Officials also appealed the pilgrims to keep Sabari Nandanam, a garden of rare flowers used for poojas at the shrine near Malikappuram, intact.
The garden gets destroyed during every Makaravilakku season as pilgrims who throng the garden break the compound nets to witness Makaravilakku.
Heart attack claims two

A pilgrim and a policeman died at Sabarimala of heart attack on Sunday. The deceased were identified as Subramanyam (75) a native of Anantapur, Andra Pradesh and Suresh Kumar (51), assistant sub-inspector of police and a native of Perumbavoor, Ernakulam.

Subramanyam was taken to the Cardiac Centre at Appachimedu soon after he complained of chest pain while climbing the hill around 3 pm.
Suresh Kumar, ASI of Kottappadi police station, Ernakulam Rural, who was on duty at Pampa was rushed to the Amrita Emergency Medical Centre at Pampa after he complained of discomfort at 7:30 a.m. But on the way to hospital he died.
The body of Suresh Kumar was taken to his home town, while body of Subramanyam was kept at Pathanamthitta GH.


Women constables in Sabarimala row

Two women police constables, carrying out their duties, find themselves in the eye of a storm and being accused of violating Sabarimala tradition by climbing Neelimala, a ritual reserved only for men and permitted only for elderly women .

Constables Sheeja Beegum and Divya were reportedly acting on circle inspector Riyad Muhammed's directions to escort a team of elderly women on their way to Neelimala, but in the process shocked other
pilgrims who allegedly spotted them on the Neelimala stretch early Monday morning.

“It is alleged the duo accompanied agriculture minister K. P. Mohanan and a team of 35 , including eight elderly women and the minister's sisters from to Pamba to Neelimala. Our preliminary inquiry shows the two did climb Neelimala,” ADGP P. Chandrashekeran told the Deccan Chronicle, however, adding that Valsan, SP, Pamba Police Controller had been asked to submit a detailed report on the issue and video clippings were being verified to clear the air.

The minister has meanwhile maintained that the women civil police officers accompanied the team only a short distance from Pamba.


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