Mullaperiyar issue: Devotees denied Ayyappa darshan

The tense situation on TN-Kerala border between Kumili and Cumbum following the Mullaiperiyar dam controversy has affected thousands of Sabarimala pilgrims who have been stuck near Cumbum and are now cutting short their trip by performing poojas at Pillayar temple in Palani and return home with disappointment.

Over 1,200 Sabarimala pilgrims who have travelled from across thecountry to perform pooja at the Sabarimala Ayyappan temple have returned home after camping for a day or two.

Just a few kilometers away beyond Theni, Azhagu Raja and his associates run a pandal for Ayyappa devotees who are on their way to Sabarimala at Veerapandi.

On Monday, he had served meals for a record 1,200 devotees who had to return home without completing their pilgrimage due to the tension along the TN-Kerala border.

“Almost all vehicles that have returned from Sabarimala have been attacked by agitated crowds on the other side of the border. At least 600 pilgrims have returned home without completing their journey after all TN-registration vehicles were attacked,” Azhagu Raja said.

Karivaratharaj, an omni bus driver from Tirupur, was still shivering and stammering as his bus pulled by the roadside at Veerapandi at around 8.30 pm on Wednesday. Unidentified miscreants hurled stones at his bus while he was negotiating a bend three kilometers away from the TN border in Kumili.

Crowds that gathered around Karivarathaj near the Pandal hurled abuses at Keralites and swore revenge. A few hundred metres away, dozens of policemen were deployed at a makeshift checkpost to warn travellers on the situation.

Speaking to this newspaper, a police officer said that the situation continued to remain tense.


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