Musaliar Seeks Religious Harmony

Members of various religions, particularly, Hindus and Muslims should live in harmony. That’s the advice that you get from 65-year-old Abdul Rasheed Musaliar on the occasion of Babri Masjid anniversary.

Musaliar is considered to be the descendant of Vavaru Swami who, as the myth goes, was defeated by Lord Ayyappa in a show of strength. Later, Vavaru Swamy became a friend and devotee of Lord Ayyappa.

A sub-shrine dedicated to Vavaru Swamy at Sabarimala only shows his closeness with Lord Ayyappa and the communal binding that existed between Hindus and Muslims of a bye-gone era.

The shrine dedicated for Vavaru Swamy close to Sannidhanam is run by Musaliar and his family members. The family hails from Vayipur near Mullappally in Pathanamthitta district.

The pilgrims who come to offer prayers at Lord Ayyappa’s temple also pray before Vavaru Swamy. Musaliar says his family is indebted to Lord Ayyappa and Vavaru Swamy.

“We are getting enough revenue from the temple because of the blessings of Lord Ayyappa and Vavaru Swami”, Musaliar said. Rejecting religious extremism, he said all religions in the world advocate peace, harmony and service to humanity.

Lord Ayyappa’s temple at Sabarimala is an outstanding example of religious harmony, Musaliar pointed out. He also doesn’t believe the Babari Masjid collapse had questioned the existence of Vavaru Swami Nada at Sanidhanam.

“I don’t believe in the re-construction of a new mosque at Ayodhya. But, we need a proper prayer centre”, he said. Sabarimala is a model of communal harmony and that’s one it’s so popular, Musaliar asserted.

Musaliar, who’s been serving at Sabarimala ever since he turned 15, says only an elderly person in his family who’s deeply devoted to Lord Ayyappa is chosen as Vavaru Swamy’s successor.

“We distribute one third of the of the revenue received from Sabarimala for charitable activities. We’ve been blessed. Let’s follow the path of peace and harmony”, he signed off.


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