Restaurants still fleecing pilgrims

Restaurants on the way to Sannidhanam are still fleecing pilgrims despite stern warnings from authorities.

Though the restaurants have put up display boards as demanded by authorities listing rates of food items, the real rates they charge are far higher.

“For instance, a shop at Saramkuthi took Rs 15 from me for a single banana,” complained Mr Balan from Ernakulam.

Mr Radhakrishnan, another pilgrim, said that a shop insisted on charging Rs 12 for a porotta. “We had to take a token paying that rate or we would have been forced to go without food,” he said.

A senior official told DC that strong action would be taken on shops that were overcharging pilgrims. “We had earlier slapped huge fine on shops that were caught red handed fleecing pilgrims,” said the official.
The restaurants are raided frequently, but at the time of raid they are usually found to be charging regular rates.

“The shop owners charge high rates only during heavy rush,” said the official.


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