Ponnambalamedu controversy should be avoided: Tantri Kandararu Maheswararu

The unwanted controversy looming around Makaravilakku and Ponnambalamedu should be avoided, said Tantri Kandararu Maheswararu. He also opined that a person serving Lord Ayyappa for the past 69 years, the unwanted debate on this issue disappoints and hurts. ‘Makarajyothi’ is a star singhting on Makarasamkrama Day facing the Sabarimala Temple in the east direction.

The star is known as Makara Nakshathram. The lamp lighted during this time at Ponnambalamedu is known as ‘Makaravilakku’. It is lighted at the time of Deeparadhana at Sabarimala when the diety is cladded with Thiruvabharanam.

Ponnambalamedu is the base abode of Lord and all encouraging the controversy should keep away from such talks. The Makarajyothi is one of the main divine happenings of Sabarimala and that day a star will be seen in the sky. This star is known as Makaranakshatram.
Makaravilakku and Makarajyothi are the two important things followed with divinity in Sabarimala and this is thing which directly depends thousands of devotees believing in this.

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