Kathina threat to Tiger Reserve

Cutting down new generation tree stalks for preparing wedges for Kathina will affect the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Stalks of Xanthophyllum are used to make wedges.

On an average, only ten wedges can be made from a two meter long stalk. Pilgrims offer about five thousand Kathina per day.

“The forest department had brought in restrictions on this matter last year.

The wedges can be reused and this can help reducing cutting. Workers were directed to cut down branches of trees to prepare wedges or find another alternative,” said a forest official to DC.

Kathina is an offering made by pilgrims but the sound and chemicals used for preparing it badly affects forest life.

The large scale cutting down of stalks of Xanthophyllum will result in the depletion of the species in the tropical rain forest. Contractors were directed to reduce the quantity of the chemical used in each Kathina.


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